ITC 337 & Discovery Review

We will be discussing the various ways that discovery review (document review) impacts the work conducted by ITC 337 Attorneys, both as respondent and as claimant. While many experts are busy in the fast-paced nature that any ITC matter operates, little time is spent in thinking strategically about document review. As these documents likely contain non-English communication, both technical and non-technical, it is critical that the appropriate processes are leveraged. It is hardly just a matter of translating using professional linguists or even running the most advanced neural network translation software. As part of The CJK Group‘s network of professional multi-language consultants, we will be publishing a number of pieces related to IP, Machine translation, comparative IP regimes, and technology. Some of these articles will be available here and also in our LLM Law Review publication, where we will be showcasing global issues that represent the insights and perspectives of International lawyers.